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Orchestrating Digital Experiences

Agencies focus on creative design but can lack the deeper technical experience to scale your project. Software consultancies focus on fast delivery at the cost of quality and rely on technologies they know best.

Rogue Ethic operates differently than agencies or software consultancies. We consist only of veteran software architects, security specialists, platform designers, API engineers, data scientists, and scalability engineers. We are a technology super group built to support clients at every stage of the software design cycle, from initial concept and design through implementation.

Architecture & Design

You wouldn't build a skyscraper without an architect's blueprints. Quality software is no different. Whether you are building a GPS-enabled mobile application or the next real-time social media platform a strong technical leader can make all the difference between success or a mountain of technical debt.

Technical architecture is a difficult discpline to master. It requries more than just learning to program in a particular language or how to scale a group of EC2 instances. It is craft and art mastered by continual engagement with technologies, learning their strengths, weakeness, and appropriate implementation use case.

This is the service Rogue Ethic offers. The strongest technical guidance through any technical project. Building a real-time big data solution? A container-based application platform? REST API for a legacy mainframe application? We're here to help.



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